Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Shockingly there are still professional companies out there who have websites that are not responsive. This is probably the biggest overall improvement any site can make is often the turning point/ conversation starter for a new client coming to see us at DRVE DGTL for a website redesign and redevelopment.

Is your site responsive? If not, check your google analytics - what % of your visitors are on mobile devices (tablets & smartphones) and struggling with your site?

If a site is not responsive it shrinks the same desktop layout down on mobile devices. Even if the desktop layout is full width and chunky the text will be tiny and you’re now viewing a site made for mouse interactions instead of finger touch.

Users will need to pinch and zoom to read text and it is hard to select links and use the navigation. We’ve all visited a site like this and know how frustrating it is! Often the site is totally un-usable. You have about 2 seconds for the visitor to make a gut decision about your site - is it what they are looking for, do I want to explore/ read more? So if this the experience they will hit that back button quick smart.

It is also clear to any visitor that your business does not comply with current digital best practice if your site is not responsive. Immediately you look ‘old school’ and out of touch, whereas your competitor looks slick and cutting edge. Google also prioritises sites that are responsive in their organic search rankings - so it’s hurting your SEO too.

A responsive website has a layout that shuffles and potentially changes the content on mobile devices. We may also choose to reduce the amount of images that appear in the mobile layout/s or remove sections altogether on these devices.

When people are viewing sites on their desktop they can upload files and comfortably read large amounts of copy, when on their smartphones they may be mostly searching for your contact details, so we try and remove anything in their way. It’s just about tailoring the site for those types of visitors and improving the experience for your visitors over all of their devices.

Responsive websites are our specialty so get in touch if you’d like to know more or for an audit on your current website! :)

Ruth Lynskey