Search Engine Optimisation ("SEO") really just means whatever you are doing to optimise your website in search engine rankings (primarily Google).

Google has a complex algorithm (that only they 100% know) that controls the order that results appear in the organic (free) search results. I’m talking about the ones in the middle of the search results page, not the paid Ad results at the top and on the right hand side.

If someone searches a keywords or phrase relating to your business you obviously want to appear as high up in the search results as possible. The higher up you are, the more professional and trusted you will look and the higher chance someone will click & visit your site or page. Many people often also trust these organic listings more than the paid ones too!

Have a go now and do a couple of searches - how far down are you appearing for the keywords & phrases you think people would use to find you? Another interesting test is to look at your Google Analytics data and find the top keywords currently being used to find you - this may surprise you.

At DRVE DGTL we set up all of our clients’ sites with the best SEO base (an XML sitemap, editable metadata fields etc) and give you tips on ways to improve your SEO yourself. There are whole companies who specialise in SEO (whereas DRVE DGTL specialises in creating new and maintaining existing responsive websites) & charge month by month to increase your rankings for various keywords and phrases. I can put you in touch with our expert SEO partners if you are interested in taking things further.

My top 5 tips for improving your site’s SEO yourself are:

  • Have as much relevant, fresh content on the site as you can - a blog or news section is a great way to do this
  • List your site on as many free directory sites as you can
  • Put links to your friends/ partners’ sites on your site and ask as many of them to do the same for you
  • Create a keyword list and use these as much as you can (while still making sense) in your headings, copy, metadata, footer etc
  • Have active social media platforms and link these to & from your website

Drop me an email if you’d like to chat more about SEO or your website :)

Ruth Lynskey