Taking your own advice

Taking your own advice

Why is it so easy to recommend things to clients and friends but so much harder to turn around and make sure you are taking your own advice? It’s all so clear when looking from the outside in, but so much harder to look inward  - and to take action.

I feel like I repeat these things over and over to my clients and friends asking for advice on their website and social pages:

  • Add a blog, get some fresh, relevant content up there - google loves it, it shows thought leadership and gives your audience a great insight into your business!
  • Do a photoshoot, most stock images are so naff & don’t convey a genuine feel - nothing beats imagery of the real thing!
  • Your website needs to evolve and change regularly, it shouldn’t look like it did when it went live for long! (you may even need to do a whole new site after 3-4 years depending on digital advances)
  • Social media pages need to be nurtured otherwise it can look worse than having no presence at all!

Just like a hairdresser who neglects their own hair, I have left the DRVE DGTL website and social pages to the bottom of my to do list and recently realised I’m not taking my own advice.

When that is the industry we’re in and what my whole business is built on, it should be even more important! Who’s going to choose DRVE DGTL to do their new website if we’re not walking the talk? I definitely wouldn’t go to a hairdresser with outdated hair...

So this is the first post on our new blog, and various other site & social improvements are in the works (I promise).

I’m going take another piece of my own advice - putting a recurring reminder in my calendar on a Friday afternoon & I’m not allowed to have my first drink till all the website and social tasks are done! Then it will definitely get done! :)

Ruth Lynskey